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Longueuil is located five minutes from Montreal and may be reached via Highway 20 when coming from Quebec City, Highway 10 when coming from Sherbrooke, or Route 132 from Sorel. If you are travelling from southeaster Quebec or from the USA then Highway 15 will bring you here. Coming from Montreal, you will use the Longueuil – Université-de-Sherbrooke station if you are travelling by Metro, or the Saint-Lambert and the Saint-Bruno train stations if you decide to use the commuter train. Longueuil's intermodal station, next to the Metro, accommodates long-distance buses from all over Quebec.

Longueuil offers an environment in which individuals and families may grow and develop. The availability and variety of services that are to hand are advantages that can only be offered by a city the size of Longueuil. Needful of the necessity to preserve the quality of its environment, the Ville de Longueuil plans its growth in such a way as to ensure the harmonious development of its territory.

Thanks to the particular charms of each of its boroughs, Longueuil offers a choice of lifestyles to please all tastes. From the shores of the St. Lawrence River to Mount Bruno, hundreds of districts meet the most varied needs of housing and lifestyle. Parks and recreational installations abound and are well suited to the needs of local residents. Nor do Longueuil's cultural activities leave anything to be desired: theatre, exhibitions, and shows are offered in different venues throughout the city.

A dynamic community life contributes directly to the well being of the population. Over eight hundred volunteer organizations work in such fields as recreation, culture, and welfare to complement the work carried out by public and government institutions.

Longueuil offers a whole range of commercial services, from prestige brand name companies to corner stores. Many government ministries have regional offices in Longueuil so as to offer efficient service to the public.

Longueuil families have access to an important educational network. The Marie-Victorin, Patriots, and Riverside School Boards are responsible for a total of eighty-six elementary schools, eleven secondary schools and two trade schools. There are also two CEGEPs (junior colleges) and many private schools. Three large universities, l'Université de Montréal, l'Université de Sherbrooke, and l'Université du Québec à Montréal have established a campus in Longueuil.

Country Walks
Country Walks
Even though Longueuil is a large city, it is surrounded by country roads that are full of surprises. Do you enjoy country walks? Why not stroll along Des Prairies Road in the borough of Brossard between Orient Avenue and Highway 10 to discover stone-built historic houses from another age? You may also stroll along four historic concession roads in the borough of Boucherville — General Vanier Road that follows the Des Pines River is one that shouldn't be missed; start off at De Montbrun Street.

The Recreational Network
The Recreational Network
The Ville de Longueuil's recreational network offers you an opportunity to discover the city and its boroughs by travelling kilometre after kilometre of bicycle paths; 250 kilometres of cycling paths. Did you know that 26% of the bicycle paths in the Montérégie are located in Longueuil? The Longueuil recreational network is linked by ferry to the Island of Montreal, to Île Charron and to the Boucherville Islands Provincial Park. Consult the schedules.

From Montreal, you may also join the recreational network via the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, the Champlain Bridge ice bridge or the St. Lambert Locks overpass and Île Notre-Dame (Jean Drapeau Park). In addition to the so-called 'local' recreational network, two major bicycle paths join and run across neighbouring municipalities. The Riveraine follows the St. Lawrence River from St. Catherine, passing through Longueuil on its way to Varennes. The Montée du Fort Chambly (Route to Chambly Fort) starts in Longueuil, more precisely in the borough of Vieux-Longueuil, and ends in Chambly. This route is also the first stage of the Green Route that links Longueuil to the rest of the Montérégie area and to the whole of Quebec.

The 'Montérégie Cycle Path Map' is available at the Longueuil tourist information office or at Tourisme Montérégie.